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Everyone who wishes to benefit from the Guide/Co-op will need to send traffic to the Strategy guide (see details below), and there are two ways you can use this site (and it's Strategy guide site) to get better quality referrals for NerdBux.
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  • Through webmaster advertising, sponsors NerdBux IDs will be promoted on the sites above, and MORE

  • Sponsors can promote the guide the same way as free members, but they also are given a share in 20% of all the incoming traffic to the guide, in addition to 100% split in the un-referred traffic and 100% split in webmaster-paid visitors!
  • Sponsorships are LIMITED which means a large amount of traffic will be split with a small number of people!
  • Sponsorships cost is just $0.25 per day for 30 days!
  • To purchase a sponsorship (and you are allowed to purchase as many as you want while they are available), here is how:

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  • Simply send visitors from your traffic exchanges, ads, backlinking, etc to the following address:
    • http://www.NerdBuxStrategy.org?id={YOUR_NerdBux_ID}
  • (Be sure to replace "{YOUR_NerdBux_ID}" with YOUR actual NerdBux ID!
  • 20% traffic you send to the site is shared with sponsors. Likewise, some of the sponsor funds are used to promote the Strategy guide and produce referrals for you as well.
  • Additional notes

    As many of you know from the other co-ops that I run, that they are largely successful because we all work together. There is no affiliate program with this co-op yet, however as we all promote the guide and get referrals, those people will also promote the guide, and this will continue to grow, just as the other co-ops have.

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